Reward Factory Emerges as Most Trusted Online Money Earning Application in India


New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Reward Factory is a 360-degree entertainment app that targets different user groups interested in playing games, watching videos, taking quizzes, scratching cards, and engaging in other exciting activities. This earn money app is the result of the innovative ideas of Protechmind Solutions Private Limited and currently boasts 10k+ users worldwide. With over 10k+ downloads till now, this money earning app has earned high ratings on various online platforms.

Nowadays, most of the people are spending their time on smartphones. They spend plenty of hours playing mobile games, watching short videos, solving puzzles, reading blogs and articles. Although people love to entertain themselves, but sometimes they may also feel regretful about losing their precious time. If you feel this but don’t want to miss out on the fun and entertainment, Reward Factory, 

earn money app is worth exploring.

According to web analyst Ritesh Mishra, the basic idea behind the daily earning app was to create a platform that not only provides entertainment but also rewards users for their valuable time. Reward Factory-earn money application offers 100+ daily tasks that users can choose from, including spinning a wheel and scratching a card to earn rewards. Additionally, users can earn daily Paytm cash by engaging in simpler activities like watching videos and playing their favourite games.

Protechmind Solutions Private Limited specializes in developing utility and entertainment-based applications targeting different countries. Currently, the company is dedicated to creating entertainment-based applications for Indian users, with the launch of Reward Factory being part of this initiative.

Reward Factory app has seen remarkable success in a short period, and the company is constantly adding new and exciting activities to enhance user engagement and provide enriching content. Within a few months of launching, Reward Factory has earned 10K+ of installations and loyal users.

The app is available on PlayStore ( and as a well-structured website ( Protechmind Solutions Private Limited is also planning to develop apps for Southeast Asian and Latin countries in the near future.