Reliance introduced its first hydrogen-powered truck at India Energy Week

Reliance introduced hydrogen-powered truc

New Delhi: Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance on Monday introduced a hydrogen-powered truck. Reliance introduced this truck at the ‘India Energy Week’ in Bengaluru. This is a heavy-duty truck. PM Narendra Modi flagged off this truck at India Energy Week. The most important thing about a truck with a hydrogen engine is that it produces almost zero emissions. Hydrogen is considered the cleanest fuel. This emits only water and oxygen. It gives a performance at par with conventional diesel trucks. Also reduces noise. Its operating cost is also less. Thus it redefines the future of green mobility.

The truck is made in association with Ashok Leyland
Reliance and its vehicle partner Ashok Leyland along with other technical partners are working to develop this unique technology. The first engine arrived in early 2022 last year. Two big hydrogen cylinders are fitted in this truck.

Country’s first H2ICE technology truck
It has been told by
this truck that it is the first truck with H2ICE technology on the road. When hydrogen is used in place of conventional diesel fuel or liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the truck, it reduces emissions to almost zero. H2 in H2ICE has the formula Hydrogen and ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine.

Reliance introduced hydrogen-powered truc

Manufacturing cost is very high
The Government of India is giving a lot of emphasis on the use of hydrogen. It is produced by splitting water using electricity. Hydrogen is used in everything from steel plants to fertilizer units. However, the manufacturing cost of hydrogen is still very high. Many companies are investing in hydrogen manufacturing.

Adani group is also planning
Gautam Adani Group is also planning to enter the field of Green Hydrogen. The group announced plans for the hydrogen truck last month. The Adani Group had earlier announced that it plans to invest $50 billion in green hydrogen and its associated ecosystem over the next 10 years.