LumiraDx Launches Rapid Microfluidic Immunoassay C-Reactive Protein Test to Help Combat Antimicrobial Resistance in India


LumiraDx Healthcare Private Limited, a next-generation point of care diagnostics testing company announced it has launched its highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein (CRP) point of care antigen test across India. The point of care CRP test can be used in multiple clinical settings to help reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing that leads to antimicrobial resistance. From a tiny sample of finger-prick blood, the CRP test gives results within four minutes on the portable LumiraDx platform which weighs just over a kilogram. 


Front Insert Render – CRP

Today’s announcement comes during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) which spotlights the increasing global burden of antimicrobial resistance. With the new antibiotic pipeline almost dry, reducing antibiotic prescriptions, managing patient compliance to treatment, and reducing self-medication are vital to alleviate the global burden of drug-resistant pathogens. Studies show that point of care CRP testing reduces antibiotic prescribing by 23-36% for respiratory tract infections (RTI)1, and 22% for COPD2. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) continues to be a high priority global issue 4,5 and there is a direct relationship between the prescribing of antimicrobials and the development of AMR. 6

CRP testing can effectively help to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in primary care.1

“India, one of the world’s most populated nations has greatly been impacted by antimicrobial resistance. The availability of the LumiraDx CRP Point of Care Antigen Test can help to ensure that antibiotics are only given to patients who will benefit from them,” said Yogesh Singh, LumiraDx General Manager, India.

“Global emergence of antimicrobial resistant pathogens presents an urgent need for practical and innovative solutions to control and prevent the use of antibiotics, especially where unnecessary prescriptions, self-medication and poor compliance persist,” said Dr. Nigel Lindner, Chief Innovation Officer, LumiraDx, “Ensuring doctors’ access to crucial actionable CRP test results in care settings is a sustainable way to future proof our system against antibiotic resistance.”

In India, CRP tests are available in ICUs, paediatric departments, EDs, GPs, OPDs, and other clinical care settings. The Government of India considers AMR a priority health issue and has undertaken a nationwide initiative by launching an AMR stewardship programme.

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