Hafele Introduces Slido FLine18 Wardrobe Sliding Systems


Be it functional upgrades or aesthetical renovations, you can completely transform the vibe of a space by making small but significant additions or changes in your interiors that deliver a substantial impact. Wardrobes with sliding doors are one such choice, which if implemented, can add tremendous value in terms of function and style. Hafele’s SLIDO range provides an array of wardrobe sliding solutions that offer limitless design potential for homes through varied installation possibilities, material options, finishes, patterns and motion technologies.

Slido FLine18 Wardrobe Sliding Systems by Hafele

Hafele introduces a new system to this range – SLIDO F-Line18 50A, an Infront wardrobe sliding system for two door panels with soft opening and closing. The system and its elements are manufactured in a way that they allow flexibility in various installation possibilities based on the amount of space available or the look desired. This is achieved with the help of two types of tracks – concealed and surface mounted, and the innovative reversible roller that can be installed either on the door surface or in the door thickness with just a simple maneuver! The concealed track paired with concealed rollers make the entire system extremely compact and provide an elegant look to your wardrobe area. Additionally, the overall installation of the system is practically effortless due to the simplified and easy to assemble component design.

Slido FLine18 Wardrobe Sliding Systems by Hafel

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