Every fifth employee in US and UK thinks should replace real boss with an AI boss

AI Boss

New Delhi: Would you like to have AI Robots in your company? AI robots are the right option in terms of cost-cutting and efficiency. Till now some talks of this level used to happen regarding Artificial Intelligence. Bosses and employers make a lot of decisions about AI, but will employees replace their human bosses with artificial intelligence-powered robots? The answer is yes.

According to a report by Tech Radar, an AI service company called Business Name Generator found in its survey that if given the option to replace their boss with an AI robot, one out of every five employees would happily replace their boss. will that do? This survey has been done in UK and US.

What else is in the report?
30 percent of people working in the field of art and culture in the UK believe that if AI replaces their boss, it will be better for them. At the same time, 23 percent of the people in the HR field think so. Similarly, about 19 percent of the people in the manufacturing and finance sector also believe the same. 17 percent of people working in healthcare think so.

Talking about gender, 18 percent of men would happily replace their boss with AI, while 14 percent of women would do the same. Looking at the age of the employees, one-third of the 18 to 24-year-olds talked about replacing the boss with AI, while only 12 percent of the people above 55 years of age thought so.

What are the reasons behind wanting an AI boss?
It is written in the report that the reason behind this thinking of the employees may be that the employers and bosses often fail to appreciate their employees. They get so busy ‘becoming the boss’ that they are unable to show empathy towards the employees. Favoritism can also be a reason for this, due to which the employees feel discriminated against. At the same time, there is also a reason for the boss to feel superior in comparison to his employees. People believe that with the advent of AI, workplace drama will reduce and a fair environment will be created.

AI Boss

Other reasons why employees feel disconnected from their bosses include a lack of clear expectations and micromanagement. At the same time, many employees feel that AI robots will do a better job than real bosses. Some also believe that AI robots will take over the workplace in the coming times.

Although many people believed that AI bosses would lack soft skills, however, 18 percent of people believed that they would be able to trust AI more than human bosses.