Chalk Tree Global School Organized its Annual Event ‘KALA UTSAV’ to Nurture Teamwork, Creativity and Entrepreneurial Skills in Students


Chalk Tree Global School located in Sector-57, presented its annual cultural event ‘Kala Utsav’ with the underlying theme of “Best Out of Waste”. The school’s motive behind planning such an event is to make students empowered with relevant, age-appropriate skills. The event promoted among its students the spirit of community service coupled with fun for children and parents alike. Kala Utsav is an initiative to nurture teamwork, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills in students. Along with developing a sense of social responsibility.


The Director of the school, Mr. Nitin Gupta, and the Principal, Mrs. Kapila Sawhney, presided over the event, which also witnessed the showcase of folk dance and singing from the School Students. Students took part in projects such as putting up and handling of game stalls, facilitating various activities, handling cash, photography, etc. Students of Grade 2 and above were involved in the process of creating handicrafts, which were put on sale at the event. Students raised funds and the proceeds collected will be directed towards a charitable cause. The event was hugely successful in boosting the confidence of the students. 


Chalk Tree emphasises on ‘out-of-the box’ learning focussed on the all-round development of each child. Through this endeavour, the School’s Management, Principal and the entire staff ensure that along with academics, co-curricular activities are also an integral part of a child’s growth and development. These activities expose children to various skills in building a wholesome and fulfilling childhood. Art and craft as a part of their curriculum ensures that the students get ample opportunities for social, cognitive and physical development. While preparing for the event students learnt the art of communication and collaboration. It also helped them to nurture respect for each other as they learnt to listen to opinions of others, welcome new ideas, take feedback and implement the same. The event was used as an opportunity to put forward their ideas and thoughts.


Students of Grade 5 took charge of entertaining the audience with an energetic Rajasthani folk dance. Students of Grade 6-8 took to playing musical instruments and spell bound the listeners with their Rajasthani folk singing. The ambience and decor were the tiny steps to urge students to take up eco-friendly activities to preserve and rejuvenate Mother Earth.


Parents were enthused to watch the talents and creativity of their children. Such events apart from inculcating a deep sense of self-belief, decision making, memory and confidence in the students, nurture their spark and creativity at the same time.