Celebrating Maritime Excellence at AGMS 2024 and AGMA 2024

The AMET Global Maritime Summit 2024 (AGMS 2024) and AMET Global Maritime Awards 2024 (AGMA 2024), organized by the Dr. J Ramachandran Maritime Foundation and AMET University, concluded successfully recently, at the Anna Centenary Library Auditorium in Chennai, India. The event brought together over 1,250 participants from the maritime industry, academia, and related sectors globally. AMET University, a premier maritime education institution in India, continues to lead the way in providing world-class maritime education and training, driven by the visionary leadership of Dr. J. Ramachandran.Summit Highlights

AGMS 2024 centered on the theme “Charting the Future of Maritime Excellence”, featuring insightful panel discussions, technical sessions, and keynote addresses from industry leaders. The summit provided a platform for discussing the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the maritime sector.

Keynote Speakers and Distinguished Guests

Col. Dr. G. Thiruvasagam, Pro-Chancellor (Academics) of AMET University and Member-Secretary of the Dr. J Ramachandran Maritime Foundation, delivered the welcome address, emphasizing the summit’s role in addressing shipping industry needs and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event was presided over by Dr. J Ramachandran, Founder-Chancellor of AMET University. In his presidential address, Dr. Ramachandran highlighted India’s advancements in the shipping and logistics industry and the significant role of AMET University. He emphasized the importance of continuous industry-academia collaboration, innovation, and strategic initiatives to propel maritime education and the industry forward, with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, and innovation to address global challenges.

Shri Shyam Jagannathan, IAS, Director General of Shipping and Additional Secretary, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt. of India, delivered the inaugural address, highlighting India’s significant advancements in the shipping and logistics industry over the past decade and outlining a vision for the next few decades. He emphasized the importance of innovation and resilience in maritime operations with special focus on Maritime Safety and discussed India’s initiatives on decarbonizing shipping and enhancing port capacity.

Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran, Pro-Chancellor of AMET University and Dr. J Ramachandran Maritime Foundation, addressed the critical challenges facing the shipping industry, emphasizing the need for knowledge sharing, innovation, and digitization to enhance operational efficiencies and sustainability. He positioned AGMS as a significant platform for uniting policymakers, industry leaders, seafarers, students, and stakeholders.

Prof. Adam Weintrit, Chair of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) and Rector of Gdynia Maritime Academy, highlighted India’s robust growth in the maritime industry. He underscored the importance of global summits in bringing together diverse stakeholders to exchange ideas crucial for industry advancement. Prof. Dr. V Rajendran, Vice Chancellor of AMET University delivered the Felicitation Address.

Panel Discussions and Technical Sessions

AGMS 2024 featured two significant panel discussions and an engaging Fireside Chat in which Capt. Karan Kochhar, Capt. Arun Mehta, Capt. Man Mohan Saggi, Ms. Sonali Banerjee, Capt. Ashutosh Apandkar, Capt. Ajay Gangadharan, Mr. Sunil Kumar, C/E Mr. Koki Pannerselvam, Mr. Nipun Chatrath and Capt. K. Karthik, Capt. Arvind Shankar and Capt. Sundeep Inkurthy have shared their intellectual inputs. Dr. Sangeetha Albin, the convener of the AGMS 2024 and Additional Registrar of AMET has coordinated technical sessions covering themes such as Maritime Education and Training, Maritime Technology Innovations, Maritime Management Strategies, and Maritime Sustainability, with over 70 research and lead articles presented by industry professionals and academicians.

Valedictory Ceremony and AGMA Awards 2024

His Excellency Mr. Haymandoyal Dillum, CSK, High Commissioner, High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, New Delhi delivered the Chief Guest Address at the Valedictory Ceremony and presented AGMA Awards 2024. He praised AMET University for its dedication to maritime education and emphasized the critical role of maritime trade in the economy. He highlighted challenges such as maritime safety, security, and environmental issues, while also recognizing opportunities in e-learning, professional development, and capacity building.

The prestigious AGMA Awards 2024 honoured outstanding individuals and institutions in the maritime industry. AGMA 2024 Awardees are: AGMA Maritime Leadership Award 2024 – Individual Category: Ms. Nynne Norman Scheuer, Senior Director, Head of Marine People & Culture, A.P. Moller-Maersk, Denmark; AGMA Maritime Leadership Award 2024 – Individual Category: VADM Eduardo Ma R Santos, AFP (RET), President of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Philippines; AGMA Maritime Excellence Award 2024 – Institution Category: The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Philippines; AGMA Maritime Innovation Award 2024 – Innovation Category: Mr. Suraj Singh, Founder CEO of Seaker Systems Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, India.

In his commendation address, Dr. J Ramachandran emphasized the importance of fostering maritime excellence and innovation to address future challenges in the industry. He highlighted the strong partnership between Maersk and AMET, particularly their collaborative efforts in establishing the Maersk Centre of Excellence that provides Admission with Appointment order to maritime cadets. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Deepa Rajesh, Vice President (Academics) and Convener AGMA 2024, acknowledging the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee, distinguished guests, panelists, speakers, and participants.

The AMET Global Maritime Summit (AGMS) and AMET Global Maritime Awards (AGMA) will continue to serve as premier platforms for recognizing and promoting excellence in the maritime sector.