CD Capital Natural Resources Fund II Monetization of Lundin Gold for C$130.7 Million


London, United Kingdom:

CD Capital Natural Resources Fund II (“CD Capital”) successfully monetizes its long-term investment in Lundin Gold for a total consideration of C$130.7 million.

CD Capital is proud to have been the first institutional investor back in 2014 to support the acquisition financing of the now-growing and cash-flowing top-tier gold producer in Ecuador, Fruta del Norte. The purchase proved to be transformative for the company and a strong catalyst for its growth, confirming CD Capital’s vision in supporting the leadership of the Lundin Group and the Fruta del Norte project, which has proven to be a world-leading, low cost and expanding gold operation.

Founder & CEO of CD Capital, Carmel Daniele, noted the eventual monetization of the fund’s long-term holding in Lundin Gold, as part of the fund’s normal course of business and mandate terms, delivering not only multiple returns to investors, but supporting the high standards of social and environmental governance whilst unlocking a new resource rich region for investment, such as Ecuador. This vision is well exemplified at Fruta del Norte. “Over the last 8 years, we have seen Fruta del Norte deliver time and time again. It has been a truly spectacular investment for CD Capital Fund II’s investors and a fulfilling journey to have seen the transition of Fruta del Norte from an advanced development project into a cash flowing mine, which has transformed people’s lives for the better in the neighbouring communities and for future generations. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering up on similar world-class projects led by top tier management teams with a strong proven track record, such as the Lundin Group, through the combination of our long-term patient institutional capital and our sector expertise to unlock value from exciting future projects in the pipeline.”

Chairman of the board of Lundin Gold, Jack Lundin, commented, “We are grateful for the long-standing support from CD Capital, who proved to be a catalyst for garnering institutional finance for the original acquisition of Fruta del Norte from Kinross in 2014. I would also like to extend a special thanks to CD Capital’s Founder & CEO, Carmel Daniele, for her continued valuable contributions as a Board member of Lundin Gold. It has been an amazing journey and we will continue to unlock more value from this fantastic asset. We look forward to creating further value for CD Capital investors on current and future ventures within the Lundin Group.”