Alipay AI Features Attract 600 Million Interactions During Its 2024 Five Fortune Chinese New Year Campaign


Hangzhou, China:
Alipay’s AI features drew nearly 600 million interactions during Alipay’s signature annual Five Fortune Chinese New Year campaign in a short span of 12 days, from January 29th to February 9th. The campaign encourages consumers to collect digital Five Fortune cards in the Alipay app as they gear up for the most significant festival of 2024.

AI Theatre allows users to play as key characters in iconic scenes from classic films (Photo: Business Wire)

AI Theatre allows users to play as key characters in iconic scenes from classic films (Photo: Business Wire)

This year, Alipay has introduced for the first time four AI-powered experiences for the Five Fortune campaign, namely “AI Theatre,” “AI Fortune Hunt,” “AI Photo Studio,” and “AI Red Packets.” These innovative features enable users to spend the fortune cards to create an AI-generated video or image, or earn more fortune cards.

In the “AI Theatre,” users can upload a photo and take on the role of key characters in iconic classic film scenes, such as works by the comedic genius Stephen Chow. As of February 8th, this feature has been used to generate 2.3 million personalized clips, allowing users to take center stage in their own cinematic moments.

The “AI Fortune Hunt” challenge is the most popular means of collecting fortune cards this year. It invites users to decipher over 100,000 images generated by AI, each with the Chinese character “Fu” (Fortune) hidden inside. As of February 8th, users have discovered over 2.9 billion AI-generated “Fu” characters. For a glimpse of the AI Fortune Hunt feature, check out Alipay’s TikTok video here.

The “AI Photo Studio” feature transcends physical barriers by bringing friends and family together in shared moments through AI-generated group photos with 16 customizable photo templates.

Furthermore, the “AI Red Packets” feature offers users a fun way of sharing best wishes for the new year by utilizing AI voice and video synthesis technology to help users create personalized digital red packets with video covers featuring their own avatars.

Launched in 2016, Alipay’s Five Fortune campaign quickly became a popular part of people’s lives in China during the Chinese New Year holiday period. During the Five Fortune campaign, users can collect digital fortune cards through various means, such as scanning the Chinese character “Fu” through the Alipay app’s AR scan function, participating in merchant sub-campaigns, and so on. These cards, which represent good wishes, can be converted into monetary rewards.