Abhilaya Launches EV Fleet in Mumbai for Last Mile Connectivity Services

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

In a bid to achieve reduce its carbon footprint, enable sustainable growth and make its operations more cost effective, Abhilaya has launched a fleet of EV vehicles that will form a part of its last mile delivery fleet in Mumbai. The firm launched 25 two-wheeler EV’s in Mumbai to meet the last mile delivery needs of its clients. Abhilaya has procured these vehicles from Bounce. Bounce provides replaceable batteries that will help Abhilaya in seamless fleet operation with no disruption in service during business hours, enabling it in maintaining its quality of service. This is the firm’s second city launch. Abhilaya had successfully launched an EV fleet of 50 two-wheelers in Bengaluru in November.

Abhilaya launches EV fleet in Mumbai for last mile delivery

Commenting on the EV launch Mr. Shrikant Nibandhe, Managing Director, One World Logistics Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to expand our EV fleet and endeavour to become a business that grows consistently while reducing its carbon footprint.”

Abhilaya has currently launched its two-wheeler EV fleet in Bengaluru and Mumbai and plans to extend its EV fleet’s presence in Ahmedabad by launching a fleet of 20 EVs in January.