What’s the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) documentary? which side is it referring to?

PLA documentary

New Delhi: The tension between China and Taiwan is well known. Where China tells Taiwan its part, Taiwan itself is a sovereign nation. Meanwhile, there is news that Beijing is probably trying to send a strong signal about its preparations for an attack on Taiwan. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has released a documentary film on its 96th anniversary. In this, Chinese soldiers are shown taking an oath that if needed, they will sacrifice their lives for the country. According to the South China Morning Post, this documentary film named Zhu Meng has been made into 8 episodes, the first episode of which was aired by China’s state media CCTV on 1 August.

According to the report, it has also been shown in the documentary that the Chinese Air Force is ready to launch a forceful attack anywhere if needed. As per the report, during the documentary, a pilot in the stealth fighter jet vows to carry out a suicide strike if needed. J-20 pilot Li Peng of the Wang Hai Squadron is heard saying, ‘If I had used up all my ammunition in real combat, my fighter would be my last missile to run towards the enemy.’

Zuo Feng, a frogman from the PLA Navy’s minesweeper unit, says, ‘If war broke out and conditions became too difficult to safely remove naval minefields in actual combat, we would use them to clear a safe passage for our landing forces. Will use my body for this.’ The documentary includes personal stories from dozens of PLA soldiers and shows footage of military exercises, especially around Taiwan. It says that ‘the PLA’s 100-year goal must be realized.’ The footage is also shown.

What’s going on in Taiwan?
It says, ‘The PLA’s centennial goal should be realized.’ Assault group member Wang Xinjie is shown practicing a group charge, being provided fire cover by bombers, ground and ship-launched missiles, rockets, and helicopters. Please tell that China considers Taiwan as its part. Along with this, he keeps saying that if he needs to use force to take back Taiwan, he will not hesitate. Currently, about 16 countries around the world recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Many other countries are opposed to forcefully changing the status quo.