Former US presidents came together to wish Biden, watch video

Former US presidents came together to wish Biden

Washington: Former US President Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama jointly recorded a video. Through this, he has congratulated the country’s new President Joe Biden (President Joe Biden).

The video aired on Wednesday night, in which the three former presidents are seen talking about the peaceful transfer of power. He stands in the courtyard of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. There he paid homage to the Soldiers. According to ABC News, “It’s a free-flowing conversation.” It emphasizes on the transfer of power, maintaining democracy and maintaining civilized behavior.

Obama (59) said, “I have a personal connection with seeing Good Evening America, my former Vice President becoming the 46th President and seeing Kamala Harris as our first female Vice President. . ” Obama said, “Swearing-in indicates a peaceful transfer of power, which is a centuries-old tradition.”

Bush (74) said, “The three of us standing here and talking about the peaceful transfer of power shows the institutional integrity of our country, big hearted people.” We are fortunate to have been the President of all three countries. “

At the same time, Clinton, who was the 42nd president of the US from 1993 to 2001, said, “This is an unusual thing.” We are trying to normalize the situation, deal with inequitable challenges and do our best. ”

Obama was the 44th president from 2009 to 2017, while Republican Party leader Bush was the 43rd president (2001–2009). Bush said, “There is a lot of division in our society, what is not.” He said, “Mr. President, I wish you success. Your success is the success of the country. “