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rover traveled 21 feet on Mars

NASA’s rover traveled 21 feet on Mars, photo surfaced

Washington: A NASA rover that recently landed on the surface of Mars traveled 21 feet in its first experimental campaign on the red planet...
S-400 deal with Russia

US may impose sanctions on India on S-400 deal with Russia: report

Washington: A report from the US Congress warns that the United States is in trouble over a billion-dollar India-Russia deal to buy a Russia-built...
leaving Hongkong

Freedom, fair elections, All was lost

London: Thousands of people have left their homes in the UK from Hong Kong after China-Hong Kong Updates enacted strict national security laws last...

New York schools to be opened from September 16 instead of 10

New York: It has been decided to open schools a week later from September 16 to work on Coronavirus-related measures in New York, USA....

First five Rafale jets land at Ambala air force station

Ambala: The first batch of five Rafale jets landed in Ambala Wednesday afternoon. It was a historic moment as they were greeted with water...