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US President Biden Announces Additional Steps to Combat Violence Against Asians

Washington: US President Joe Biden has announced additional steps to combat violence against Asian Americans and feelings of hatred of foreigners. These announcements on...

Coronavirus death rate lowest since March 22

New Delhi: There is good news for India in the fight against the Corona epidemic. Success is being found in every field of battle....
FH-97 drone

China shows glimpse of ‘Wingman’, looks like a copy of US’s Kratos

Beijing: China has shown the world a glimpse of the new concept of unmanned drone 'Wingman Drone'. On Tuesday, China demonstrated its air power...
EWS reservation

Center reaches Supreme Court against Madras High Court’s remarks on EWS reservation

New Delhi: The Supreme Court is likely to hear on Monday the Centre's plea against the Madras High Court's remark that the reservation of...
10 years imprisonment for murder of wife

Indian-origin man charged with 10 years imprisonment for murder of wife

Singapore: A 53-year-old man of Indian origin was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment here on Friday on charges of stabbing and killing his wife...