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Cyberattack on Intel, 20GB data theft

New Delhi: The world's largest chipset maker company Intel has a cyber attack. In this attack, the company's 20GB data has been stolen, including...

20 lakh people will get employment from Digital Village

New Delhi: Under the Digital Village, about 4.5 lakh villages of the country are going to change in the next 1000 days. 20 lakh...

What is the specialty of B-777 aircraft? Why is this aircraft in the news?

New Delhi: Air India One aircraft B-777 is also in the news with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Bangladesh. This is the Prime...

Q Cage Fit Levels up the Fitness Game

Mumbai: Mumbai based Creative fitness facility Q Cage Fit has been encouraging young personalities and revolutionizing the fitness set-up for all with their innovative...

As COVID-19 spread accelerates, IHR Emergency Committee urges focus on measures that work

Geneva: The Emergency Committee on COVID-19 met on 29 October to review the situation and progress made on the temporary recommendations. They advised that...