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5 agreements between India and Bangladesh

Dhaka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday handed over 109 ambulances and 12 lakh corona vaccine doses to Bangladesh under the 'Neighborhood First' policy....

Empagliflozin reduced the combined relative risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization

Ingelheim, Germany & Indianapolis, United States: Full results from the EMPEROR-Reduced Phase III trial in adults with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, with...

SBI Interest rates reduced for 14th time, now your EMI will be reduced

New Delhi: State Bank of India has announced to reduce the interest rates of the loan while giving relief to its customers. The bank...

TikTok’s headquarters to shift to US to avoid ban

Beijing: ByteDance of China has decided to establish the global headquarters of its popular video platform TikTok in the US. The company has taken...
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Indian-Americans are getting support for Trump in presidential election: White House

Washington: The White House made this comment in response to a poll that indicated that more than 50 percent of the Indian community in...