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Has China really become the biggest power at sea? What are China’s plans?

Xi Jinping, considered the most influential president of China after Mao Zedong, had said that in 2013, after coming to power, China would stand...
5 new smart phone

India will see, 5 Upcoming mobile phones in July

Amidst the monsoon season,India will see 5 new smartphones launching in July . July will see some great devices being unveiled. From flagships to...
India’s Tourism

India’s Tourism Hit badly with Fewer Foreign Tourist Arrivals Up To May 2021

New Delhi: The deadly second wave of Covid-19 in India made a significant dent in the tourism industry, with fewer lakh tourists arriving in...

More than 11 thousand new cases of corona in Maharashtra after 5 months

Mumbai: In Maharashtra, the outbreak of Coronavirus Cases is once again spreading rapidly. More than 11 thousand cases have been registered in Maharashtra in...
US reduces troops in Afghanistan

Experts expressed concern over America’s decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

Washington: Experts have expressed concern over the decision to withdraw US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, saying that the Taliban regroup in the area...