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585 people die in one day

585 people die in one day due to corona in California

Los Angeles: In California, 585 people died within a day due to Coronavirus. The state's Public Health Department said on Friday that more than...

We salute bravery, patriotism of our soldiers:Bollywood Celebrities

New Delhi: The Bollywood celebrities on Wednesday expressed their grief over the loss of 20 Indian Army soldiers in a violent face-off with Chinese...
Neera Tandon

Neera Tandon may become the first Indian-American woman to head the OMB

A committee of the Senate announced this on Tuesday

4000 रुपये से भी कम में Realme ने लॉन्च की स्मार्टवॉच

Realme ने अपने स्मार्ट TVs की लॉन्चिंग के साथ ही अपनी स्मार्टवॉच को भी भारतीय बाजार में पेश कर दिया है. इस स्मार्टवॉच की...
narayan Murthy on Covid

Corona vaccine is public goods, vaccination should be free to all: Narayanamurthy

Bangalore: The scourge of Corona Virus is increasing all over the world along with the country. Millions of new cases are coming up every...