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Trump is sowing doubts about the validity of elections: Biden

Washington: Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said the day after the Election Debate that President Donald Trump knew he was going to the election...
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Live Shanti Path

India deployed its Bofors2

Increased tension on LAC, India deployed its Bofors

New Delhi: According to the news that is coming now, India has now thought of deploying Bofors cannons on the border, under which now...

Government completely removed export ban on N95 face mask

New Delhi: Scientists and health experts around the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have considered the N95 Face Mask the most effective...
Austrian man in a box filled with snowflakes

Austrian man spent two and a half hours in a box filled with snowflakes

Melk: An Austrian broke his own previous record on Saturday by spending two and a half hours in a box filled with snowflakes. Joseph...