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Tigers don’t go hungry, so Satpura Tiger Reserve will send 1300 chital

Bhopal: Hunting for tigers should not be less, so 1300 chital will be sent from one tiger to another. 300 Chital Sanjay Gandhi from...
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SES Becomes Microsoft Azure Orbital Founding Connectivity Partner

Luxembourg:  SES today announced it has joined as the medium Earth orbit (MEO) connectivity partner for Microsoft Azure Orbital, Microsoft’s new managed service enabling network operators to...
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Indore gets 8.5 inches more rain than average

Indore(M.P): Indore district has received 43.9 inches of rain so far this monsoon season, which is 8.5 inches above the average (35.4). The next...

Chinese citizens stole important data of US and Indian government by cyber attack: US

Washington: The US Department of Justice has accused five Chinese citizens of stealing data and business information by cyber attacks on more than 100...

Anna Hazare changed the decision, will not fast now

New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare will no longer fast against Farm Laws. Anna Hazare has taken this decision after meeting former Chief Minister...