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Biden is against the second debate until Donald Trump is free of infection

Washington: Joe Biden, the Democratic Party candidate for the election of President Donald Trump in the US, said on Tuesday that if US President...

Gold price rises by 743 rupees, know the price of 10 grams

New Delhi: The continuing decline in the price of gold came to an end on Thursday. According to HDFC Securities, the spot price of...
Saudi prince and Isrile pm

Israeli PM meets Saudi prince in secret, Mossad chief also present

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. This information has been given in the news...

Gold-silver prices fall again, see today’s price

New Delhi: There is a continuous decline in the gold price in the Indian market. There was a tremendous fall in gold prices in...

Steven Spielberg’s father and computer field leader Arnold Spielberg passed away

Los Angeles: Arnold Spielberg, the father of veteran filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and the innovative engineer Arnold Spielberg, died on Tuesday at the age of...