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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Sold To Billionaire

Los Angeles: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in California has found a new owner in billionaire businessman Ron Burkle. Burkle views the 2,700-acre property in...
bone immersion place

After years of hard work, Hindu-Sikh community got a special place for bone immersion

London: The Hindu and Sikh community, who have been searching for a long time for the immersion of the ashes of the close ones...

What is bio-safe environment protocol? Jofra Archer gets a big punishment for breaking

New Delhi: England lost by 4 wickets in the first Test match against West Indies played at Southampton. The second match is being played...
Fire incident in Kanpur cardiology hospital

Fire incident in Kanpur cardiology hospital, death of a patient, CM constitutes inquiry committee

Kanpur: There is news of the death of an elderly person in a fire in the ICU of Kanpur Cardiology Institute. According to the...
oil tanker blast in Saudi Arabia

‘External elements’ involved in oil tanker blast in Saudi Arabia, remote-controlled bomb attack

Dubai: Explosion in an oil tanker in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, involved 'external elements'. The shipping company gave this information. The...