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Fire in Yemen Migrant Detention Center

Fire in Yemen’s Migrant Detention Center, 8 killed, 170 injured

Cairo: In the Yemeni Migrant Detention Center, eight people were killed and more than 170 people were injured in a fire at a Yemeni...

Now coronavirus has spread through the air, this big claim of lancet report

New Delhi: At this time India and other countries are seen fighting with the second wave of Corona. It is also a great thing...

Pakistan also gave a shock, ban Chinese app TikTok

New Delhi: Pakistan has also banned the Chinese app Tiktok. According to the report of Pakistan's Geo News, this action has been taken due...

Serious allegations of spying on China! Burglar in Pfizer-AstraZeneca and Consulate as well

Beijing / London: Quoting a Chinese official, a British newspaper has claimed that the Jinping government (Xi Jinping) has left one spy in Britain...

Covid-19 antibodies and vaccine may be less effective on corona mutations: Research

Washington: According to a study done on the new form of Corona Virus, research-based on Covid-19 Antibody and Vaccine developed so far may be...