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Russian hackers stole data and target US, local networks: US officials

Washington: U.S. officials said Thursday that Russian hackers stole data from at least two servers and targeted dozens of networks in the country and...
betel crop

Farmers are buying water to save betel (pan) crop

Jabalpur(MP): surrounding Jabalpur are has suffered huge losses in the betel crop during the lockdown period, the concern of the farmers at the present...

PIA repaid $ 7 million after grudging of aircraft seized in Malaysia

Islamabad: National Aviation a week after Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) seized 170 passengers at Kuala Lumpur Airport in a dispute over the lease amount....

Pakistan also gave a shock, ban Chinese app TikTok

New Delhi: Pakistan has also banned the Chinese app Tiktok. According to the report of Pakistan's Geo News, this action has been taken due...

Amilionn Technologies – Governance for Phygital World

Hyderabad: The world is now living in two worlds, one is 'Physical' and the other one is 'Digital'. On the whole, it is living...