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mars rover landing

NASA released video of rover landing on Mars

Cape Canaveral (Florida). NASA on Monday released the first high-quality video of Mars Landing Video landing on Mars. The video shows an orange and...

With Pent Up Demand Expected in 2021, Hilton Introduces Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions

McLean, Va., United States:  As we emerge from a year of uncertainties, one business reality seems crystal clear: Hybrid meetings and events will be critical...
fd sbi

Special Fixed Deposit Scheme of SBI! You can withdraw money without breaking the FD

New Delhi: In all types of Savings Schemes, Fixed Deposits are the most preferred investment option of the people. People of all ages like...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden vows to vaccinate 10 million people in first 100 days of term

Washington: America's newly elected President Joe Biden has said that 100 million people will be given the Coronavirus Vaccine vaccine in the first three...

Corona breaks Taj Mahotsav, breaks 30-year tradition

Agra: Taj Mahotsav, which is the center of attraction around the world, will not happen this time. In view of the corona epidemic, the...