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America is preparing for long war with China

US-Pakistan relationship reached a low level, the US preparing for war with China.Tensions in the US and China heighten over the South China Sea...

Apple’s nine units shifted from China to India during Corona pandemic: Ravishankar Prasad

New Delhi: Union Minister for Communications, Electronics and Information Technology and Law and Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the inaugural session of the...

Kamakhya temple complex will open for devotees from Sunday

Kamakhya: Kamakhya is good news for the devotees of the temple. The temple gate will open from Sunday for the devotees of Kamakhya. However,...

Covid-19: Scientists develop a new vaccine producing antibodies

Washington: According to one study, scientists have developed a Covid-19 vaccine in which they produce antibodies that "completely neutralize" the coronavirus from the same...
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54 thousand new corona cases in 24 hours, 717 dead

New Delhi: There is a continuous decrease in the number of new cases of Coronavirus in India. The recovery rate of recovery from Coronavirus...