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LIVE: Alex Murdaugh trial on murder charges continues

Murder trial continues for Alex Murdaugh, the South Carolina lawyer accused of killing his wife and youngest son in June 2021. source
UK PM Boris Johnson Meets With Zelensky in Kyiv, Says Ukraine Presidency

Boris Johnson resigns from British Parliament, Said – being forced

London: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from the membership of Parliament. He has decided to quit the membership of Parliament with...
Chinas exports to India

China’s exports to India grew by 21.7 percent year-on-year!

New Delhi: India-China trade is set to grow by 8.4 percent to USD 135.98 billion in 2022, according to data released by the Chinese...

Indian YouTubers will decrease in earnings, now the company will levy tax

New Delhi: In the current era, the video streaming platform YouTube is not only a better way of earning, but it has also given...

McAfee 2023 Consumer Threat Predictions: Evolution and Exploitation

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, shared its 2023 cyber threat predictions, offering an overview of the key trends...
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