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Pakistan targeted PM Modi and RSS said about toolkit cases

Islamabad: Pakistan after Disha Ravi's arrest (Arrest) in a dispute that started on the part of a toolkit shared by International Activist Greta Thunberg....

Now Gmail, Google Pay, and Chrome crash will start again with this one setting

New Delhi: A few days ago, many apps from Google were crashed on WhatsApp and Tuesday. These include Gmail, Google Pay, Google Chrome, due...

Tremendous earthquake in deep sea in New Zealand’s northern region

Wellington: Northern Territory of New Zealand received a powerful Earthquake in the deep sea on Wednesday, causing tsunami warnings in some parts of the...

Google Changed Chrome usage experience, will save Internet data; Big update came

Google Chrome (Google Chrome) is the most used Internet browser in the world, in which the company has now brought a major update. The...

B.1.1.7 variant of coronavirus found in America, scientists fear vaccine to be neutralized

Oregon: Every day new concerns about Coronavirus are coming out. Recently, a new type of virus found in Britain in Oregon has been found...