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A Suitable Boy

Controversy over Netflix web series ‘A Suitable Boy’, accusations of promoting love jihad

Rewa(MP): A round of accusations has begun on Netflix over a web series called 'A Suitable Boy'. There are allegations that Hindu sentiments have...
Air india plane crash

Kerala-Kozhikode plane crash update: 18 dead

Kozhikode: An Air India Express flight, carrying 190 people from Dubai, fell into the ditch after it slipped on the runway during a landing...
lockdown in UK

PM Boris Johnson may be considering lockdown in UK, Corona case escalates

London: Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering implementing a lockdown in the country for a month in view of the increase in cases of...

China Launches Remote Sensing Satellite ‘Yoagan-33’

New Delhi: China has successfully launched a new remote sensing satellite into space, official media reported on Monday. The satellite was launched on Sunday...
Vistron factory violence

Wistron factory violence over Salary issue, employees rob over 437 crores iPhone

New Delhi: Some employees in the Taiwanese company Wistron Corporation's factory in Kolar district, Karnataka, started an uproar over the non-payment of salaries, which...