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JEE, NEET 2020: SC dismisses exam, review petition only on 13 September

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a review petition filed by six cabinet ministers from six states seeking permission for the JEE,...

Efinix® Announces Availability of Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform

Santa Clara, Calif., United States:  Efinix®, an innovator in programmable product platforms and technology, today announced general availability of its Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform (RAP) initiative....
Tushti Launches Range of Oximeters

Making India Safe: Tushti Launches Range of Oximeters and Infrared Thermometers

New Delhi: Recognizing the indispensable need for finger-tip pulse oximeters and infrared/Non-contact thermometers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tushti International Pvt. Ltd. today launched both...

iApply Analyzes the Impact of COVID-19 on International Students

Chandigarh: Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding decisions that students make in their lives. It is an experience that benefits them, way...

Pakistan extends friendship hand to India, offers to deliver relief materials in Corona crisis

Islamabad: Pakistan has offered to provide ventilators and other relief materials to India to help fight the deadly wave of Covid-19 and said that...