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China plans life expectancy

China plans to raise average life expectancy to 78.3 years by 2025

Beijing: The Chinese government plans to increase the average life expectancy in the country by one year to 78.3 years within the next five...
Pakistani actress Meera

Pakistani actress Meera’s mother kidnapped, pleaded for help from PM Imran Khan

New Delhi: Pakistani actress Meera recently filed an application in the Capital City Police Office (CCPO) of Lahore in a property case. Meera has...

Astrology: Seven planets will change their house in September

Ujjain(M.P): September month is going to be very important according to astrology. Because Sun, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Rahu, Ketu will change their house....

Indore also unlocked from June 1, know about restrictions and permission

Indore: Indore is also being unlocked like other districts from June 1. The District Magistrate has issued orders in this regard. Know what will...

Corona cases highest in country after October 2020, 257 patients died in 24 hours

New Delhi: New cases of Coronavirus in the country are making new records every day. The increasing cases of corona can be gauged from...