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pfizer biontech

Pfizer to supply 100 million additional doses amid rising corona cases in the US

Washington: Pfizer and BioNTech will supply 100 million additional doses of Covid-19 Vaccine to the US under a new agreement. Pharmaceutical companies said on...
16 killed in China's coal mine due to suffocation1

16 killed in China’s coal mine due to suffocation

Beijing: In a coal mine in southwestern China, 16 people died on Sunday due to excessive levels of carbon monoxide. Officers and media gave...

Central Government responds to WhatsApp! Respect for privacy, but serious matters must be reported

New Delhi: WhatsApp, the proprietary messaging app of Facebook, has reached the court against the new IT Rules of the Government of India. The...
rapper Raftaar

Now this Bollywood artist will take fees in cryptocurrency, know the reason

New Delhi: There is a lot of enthusiasm about Cryptocurrency around the world including India. Crypto investors are increasing in India. Meanwhile, rapper Raftaar...
Sheikh Nawaf

After Sheikh Sabah, Sheikh Nawaf swore in as Kuwait ruler

Dubai: Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, the successor of Kuwait, was sworn in as the country's new emir (ruler) on Wednesday. Sheikh Sabah...