Will Maharashtra be unlocked from June 1? what’s Uddhav government master plan

maharashtra unlock

Mumbai: Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak has not completely stopped in the country. The number of patients infected with COVID is reported daily. Lockdown is currently underway in Maharashtra. But due to the lowering of Corona, the news is that the government will start the process of unlocking from June 1. Under which rules will be relaxed. Taking lessons from the last time, the Uddhav government is taking decisions keeping in mind every aspect.

Explain that the unlock process can be decided in Maharashtra under four steps. A decision will be taken regarding shops first and second. Because of the monsoon, the government has considered it serious. There are also reports that the time of opening of shops can also be increased. Presently, shops are allowed to open from 7 am to 11 am. In such a situation, it can be increased from 9 to 5.

maharashtra unlock

At the same time, there are also reports that in the third phase, permission can be given by the government to open restaurants, bars, and wine shops. There will be an SOP for this. Also, it will be mandatory to implement social distance. In the fourth phase, Mumbai’s LifeLine Local can allow travel for the common people and permission to open religious places. A final decision can be taken, depending on the circumstances in the districts where lockdown is in place.

It should be noted that the permission for travel in Mumbai Local is not yet available for 15 days. This has been confirmed by Vijay Vadettivar, a minister in the government. He said that cases of corona in Mumbai have come down but Kovid is not completely finished.