UP elections: Tea and samosas will also be monitored, the rate of each and everything is fixed

Tea and samosas price fixed

Varanasi: Assembly elections have started. Model code of conduct is in force. The Election Commission has also fixed the expenditure limit for the candidates. Along with this, the Commission will also keep a close watch on the tea, snacks, and food plates in the programs of the contesting candidates. The candidates going to the elections will have to make arrangements for breakfast and food for their workers and supporters, because the breakfast, food, snacks served from home to offices will be directly on the commission’s radar. For this, the commission has also issued a complete guideline.

As soon as the elections begin, arrangements for food and drinks have been seen. As soon as elections came from the village to cities, the army following Netaji used to have fun, because everything from breakfast to lunch, evening snacks, and dinner was done in the courtesy of Netaji, but this time from Netaji’s house to the office. The commission will also keep an eye on this pet worship to be held to date. From samosa to tea, Banarasi vegetable shortbread, jalebi to food platter, the rate has been fixed by the Election Commission.

For example, this time where the price of tea of ​​the candidates has been increased to Rs.6, the special tea has been kept at Rs.10. 12. A small glass of coffee, then the price of big glass has been fixed at twenty rupees. If Banarasi vegetable shortbread is fed in lunch, then a lunch packet of six shortbread and one sweet will be added to the candidate’s expenses at the rate of Rs 50.

Tea and samosas price fixed

Apart from this, Rasgulla, Longalatta and Cutlet Rs.15 per piece, Rajbhog, Rasmalai, Rasmadhuri Rs.24 per piece, Barfi Rs.10 per piece, Tikki Chaat Rs.25 per plate, Plain Samosa Rs.7, Samosa with Chole Rs.20 per plate, Sohal Five rupees, bread pakoda will be ten rupees. One hundred grams of Jalebi will be added for Rs.16.