Surava and Panchna dams broke due to heavy rains in western Rajasthan, the situation is getting worse

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Jalore: Due to the effect of the Biparjoy Cyclone, the heavy rains in the Jalore district of western Rajasthan have now started causing havoc. Here the rain has taken a fierce form. It is raining in Jalore for the last two days. At the same time, torrential rains started here on Saturday morning. He continues till now. Due to this, the Surava dam in the Sanchore area of Jalore has been breached and the Panchna dam has developed a crack. The breach of the fifth dam is also widening. Due to this, leakage of water has also started from Panchna Dam.

According to the information, the water of these dams has started moving towards Sanchore city. In view of the situation, the local MLA and Minister Sukhram Bishnoi kept appealing to the people to reach a safe place throughout the night. The water of the Panchna Dam first entered the Sanchore Lift Canal of the Narmada Canal and after that, that canal also broke. This made the situation worse.

The distance of the dam from Sanchore is just 15 km
Due to the breaking of one dam and a crack in the other, Sanchore City is now in the biggest danger. The distance of the dam from Sanchore City is just 15 km. And the population of the town is about 50 thousand. The distance from Jaipur to Sanchore is about 500 km. It is raining heavily in the areas around Sanchore. Earlier, water was coming continuously from the Gujarat side in Panchna and Surava dams. The Surava dam broke due to excessive filling of water.

Things keep getting worse
The water from the Surava dam has reached Jajusan via Hadetar. After that, the Bharatmala Expressway being built ahead moved towards Sanchore via the road bridge. If the situation is not controlled, then there may be a situation like in 2017 in Sanchore City. Although the police administration is trying to control the situation with the help of rescue teams. But the incessant rains are becoming a hindrance in that.

Jalore has received 456 mm of rain
The condition of rain in Jalore is that in the last 24 hours till 8 am on Sunday, Jalore has received 456 mm of rain. On the other hand, Ahor 471 in Ahor of Jalore, 338 in Chittalvana, 332 in Jaswantpura, 322 in Raniwada, Sanchore 296, 228 in Bagoda, and Bhinmal 217 mm of water have been rained. Apart from these, 205 mm of rain has been recorded in Bhadrajun and 92 mm in Sayla. The rainy season is still going on. The local residents are horrified to see this fierce form of rain.

heavy rains in western Rajasthan

Flood conditions are prevailing in Barmer as well
Like Jalore, the Barmer district adjacent to it is also experiencing heavy rains due to the effect of the Biparjoy storm. There are also flood situations in many areas. On the other hand, in Jodhpur City too, it is raining continuously for the last 10 hours. Due to incessant rains in Jodhpur, the city’s Mahamandir Road, Parkota city road, and Sojtigate Road have been flooded by 2 to 3 feet.