Shivraj cabinet expansion: 28 ministers to take oath in Jumbo cabinet, new ones out old

shivraj cabinate

Bhopal: After all, the waiting for the MLAs involved in the race for the ministerial post is due on Thursday. Even those who are getting a place in the cabinet and those who will be left out. The long struggle over the expansion of Shivraj Cabinet has now ended. Preparations have been completed to give many veterans out of the cabinet and to give new faces a chance. Just a little while from now the Shivraj cabinet will be expanded. In this expansion, 16 BJP MLAs, including 9 from the Jyotiraditya Scindia camp and three from the Congress, will get a place in the BJP. The party has shown many old faces out of the cabinet.


New in-out outs
Shivraj’s new cabinet will finally take shape after marathon churning and wide scale uproar. Contrary to expectations, many old Khanty leaders of the party will not appear in this new cabinet. These include veteran leaders Paras Jain, Gaurishankar Bisen, Rampal Singh, Rajendra Shukla, Jalam Singh Patel and Surendra Patwa. Sanjay Pathak, who has already changed to BJP from the Congress and has been a minister in the previous Shivraj government, will also be seen outside in this expansion.

Manvawal lasted till late night

Late in the night, during the Man Manowaval phase, state in-charge Vinay Sahasrabuddhe held one-to-one discussion with senior party MLAs and tried to persuade and explain by talking on the phone. It is being told that the party has proved successful in seating senior MLAs. Now new faces and especially Scindia supporters are being given a chance in the cabinet.

Shivraj cabinet will be like this

16 BJP MLAs, 9 of Scindia camp and 3 MLAs from BJP from BJP will become ministers

From Scindia camp
Mahendra Singh Sisodia
Prabhu Ram Chaudhary
Pradum Singh Tomar
Imrati Devi
Rajwardhan Singh
OPS Bhadoria
Girraj Dandotia
Suresh Dhakad
Brijendra Singh Yadav

From Congress to BJP
Bisahulal Singh
Hardeep Singh Dung
Edal Singh Kansana

They will get a chance from BJP
Gopal Bhargava
Bhupendra Singh
Yashodhara Raje Scindia
Vijay Shah
Jagdish Deora
Brijendra Pratap Singh
Faith Sarang
Prem Singh Patel
Inder Singh Parmar
Usha Thakur
Omprakash Saklecha
Bharat Singh Kushwaha
Ramkishore Kavre
Mohan Yadav
Arvind Bhadoria
Ramkhelavan Patel