Pilot will not attend CM Gehlot’s meeting, deputy CM supporters may resign


Jaipur: There is a stir in politics due to the displeasure of Rajasthan Congress Chief and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. Sachin Pilot claimed that the Ashok Gehlot Government is in a minority and more than 30 Congress and some independents have promised to support him. Apart from this, Pilot said in an official statement that he will not attend the Congress Legislature Party meeting to be held on Monday. At the same time, sources are getting the news that Sachin Pilot supporters can give collective resignation on the lines of Madhya Pradesh.


Ashok Gehlot government in minority
Deputy CM Sachin Pilot said that the Ashok Gehlot government is in a minority after more than 30 Congress and some independents promised to support them. This is the pilot’s first reaction amid political crisis after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday accused the BJP of trying to destabilize the government. Let us tell you that it was alleged that BJP is trying to destabilize the government on the lines of Madhya Pradesh, while party MLAs and Independent MLAs are meeting at Gehlot’s residence to express their confidence. Huh.

Because of this factionalism got discussed
The discussion of factionalism was received due to the fact that some MLAs considered supporters of Pilot were in Delhi on Saturday. However, three such MLAs came to Jaipur to explain the situation and said that they had gone to Delhi for their personal reasons. Danish Abrar, Chetan Doody and Rohit Bohra said that the media had apprehended them, but they would follow the instructions of the party high command like a true soldier of the party. After the press conference convened by these MLAs at the Chief Minister’s residence late Sunday evening, the statement was issued by the pilot. At the same time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has called a meeting of Congress Legislature Party on Monday, about which Pilot said that he will not attend this meeting.

Sachin can choose this path
It is getting news from sources that Sachin Pilot supporters can give collective resignation on the lines of Madhya Pradesh, this may strengthen their claim of Ashok Gehlot government being in the minority. That is, the assembly speaker can send Koistife on the lines of MP. Apart from this, a news is also coming that he can also opt for a new party, like Mamata Banerjee and Jagan Reddy had chosen.

Congress made this claim
Meanwhile, the claims of Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, he has more than 30 MLAs with him and the Gehlot government has come in a minority. After this, the Congress has said that the Gehlot government is completely safe and will complete its term. According to the party’s highly placed sources, it will be clear at the legislature party meeting on Monday that the Congress government is in the majority and the legislators will be paraded in front of the media. Congress sources say, “The message was sent to Pilot to issue a brief statement that he has full faith in Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former President Rahul Gandhi.” They will accept whatever decision they make. ‘