Mystery Surrounds Leopard’s Death in Wardha District: Clues Point to Carnivorous Rivalry

tendua in Wardha

Wardha: In a puzzling turn of events, the forest department in Wardha district has been abuzz with speculation after the lifeless body of a leopard was discovered on the Borgaon (Gondi)-Susund road in Arvi tehsil. The incident, which unfolded on Wednesday, has left authorities grappling with questions about the leopard’s origins and the circumstances of its demise.

A team of experts, including Forest Range Officer Abhay Talhan, Deputy Director of Bor Tiger Reserve Mangesh Thengadi, Honorary Wildlife Conservator Sanjay Ingle Tigaokar, and dedicated wildlife enthusiast Kaustubh Gawande, rushed to the scene. Upon close examination, they observed wounds on the leopard’s body, with broken teeth suggesting an advanced age around 15 years. The prevailing theory is that the leopard met its end in a fierce clash with another carnivorous creature.

tendua in Wardha

Adding to the intrigue, the area where the leopard was found dead is also home to a tigress. The veterinary department conducted a postmortem, led by Dr. Parate, Dr. Bhambarde, and Dr. Ghumde, in hopes of unraveling the exact cause of death. Could this enigmatic demise be linked to a territorial dispute with the tigress? Only time—and the postmortem report—will reveal the truth.