Medical students played Holi wearing a PPE dress

Medical students played Holi wearing a PPE dress

Ujjain: The common people were eagerly waiting for Holi. But due to Corona’s return, hope was dashed. In the city of Mahakal, Ujjain got to see the strange colors of Holi. Here this time Baba played Holi for the first time without devotees and then got to see a strange sight. Medical students played Holi wearing a PPE dress.

Due to the continuous increase of corona infection, the district administration issued a new guide line. Orders had been issued to play Holi from the common people at their home. There were also orders to take measures to protect against Corona. But the medical students had to play Holi and with full security, they also bought a color by wearing PPE dress and then started playing Holi. People were surprised to see Holi playing in PPE dress.

Medical students played Holi wearing a PPE dress

Safe Holi Message
In the Free Ganj area, some students wearing PPE dresses at the tower intersection were seen applying color among themselves. They added color to the rest of the people as well. This is the first time that someone has played Holi wearing a PPE dress. So far, dance in the hospital in PPE dress, Garba can be seen, but the color of Holi of these five medical students is different. One student said, the mask is necessary to prevent the corona epidemic. In such a situation, today is the day of Holi, so we have also come out to give a message to the common people to play Holi safely. Our appeal is to wear masks and maintain social distance. These students also put color on people on many walks and gave the message of being safe on Holi.

The neutrality of CM’s appeal
Even after the release of the administration’s guideline, people do not agree. And set out in the city to play Holi. CM also gave Holi a call to his home. CM Shivraj Singh had reached Ujjain Mahakal temple for the last few days. He appealed to his wife to celebrate Holi by staying at home, as security selfies and corona infections grew. 72 new patients have been found in the medical bulletin released last night. Thus far the total figure of corona patients here has reached 6173.