Major road accident in Bastar’s Kondagaon, 8 killed, eight injured

Major road accident in Bastar's Kondagaon

Kondagaon: A painful road accident happened on Sunday in the Kondagaon Road Accident district of Chhattisgarh. On Sunday, there was a fierce collision of Scorpio and Auto near Borgaon PTS in Kondagaon. Eight people died in the accident, while eight were seriously injured. The injured have been referred to Raipur for better treatment. Bastar IP Sundarraj has confirmed the incident.

According to the information, 16 people were in the auto at the time of the accident (Chhattisgarh Road Accident). All are being told from the same family. As soon as the information about the accident was received, the Farasgaon police reached the spot. Police immediately rushed the injured to the hospital. All the injured are being referred from Farasgaon Hospital to Raipur after first aid.

Auto parts are blown away after the accident
It is being told that 16 people from the same family of Pandey Aathgaon had gone to Godma village to attend the mourning program in an auto. While returning from the program, the auto collided with a Scorpio coming from the opposite direction near Borgaon PTS located on National Highway 30. The collision of both the vehicles was so tremendous that the autos were blown up. Five people sitting in the auto died on the spot. After the accident, the Scorpio driver fled leaving his car.
After the accident, the police reached the spot, along with the local people, the injured were taken to the Farasgaon hospital. In view of the serious condition of the injured, after first aid, they have been referred to Raipur for better treatment.

Pandey, women, men, and children from the Netam-Markam family of Athgaon had gone to attend a condolence program in the nearby village of Godma. There were 16 people in an auto. While returning from the program, the overloaded auto tried to turn near Borgaon Police Training Camp. But the auto got out of control and came in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, a Scorpio hit from Jagdalpur’s side.