Maharashtra: Boat capsize in Amravati, 11 dead, 8 still missing


Amravati: According to the big news coming from Amravati, there has been a terrible accident of boat capsizing here. Yes, so far 11 people are feared dead in the horrific accident of boat capsizing in Amravati, Maharashtra. At the same time, 8 people are still missing, of which no clue has been found at the moment. The search operation is on for them. This accident happened in the Wardha river in Amravati.

At present, an intensive rescue operation is being run by the administration here. A police official said that the police and the District Disaster Management Authority teams have so far pulled out three bodies, including that of a minor girl, from the river. The incident took place at Hatrana village at around 10.30 am when a boat carrying 11 people capsized in the river, he said. Prima facie it appears that the boat could not bear the burden of so many people, the official said.

It is worth noting that a similar boat accident happened in Assam last week. There two boats collided in Jorhat, in which one boat overturned and more than 80 people on it were also drowned. Most of the people were saved in this accident, or they themselves somehow floated to the shore. A woman had died in this accident. Some went missing there. A video of the accident had also surfaced, in which people were seen screaming and trying to save themselves.