Madhya Pradesh: Lockdown since 24 days, still not decreasing, 11708 new cases found, 84 deaths

madhya pradesh 8 may

Bhopal: Lockdown in Madhya Pradesh from 24 days, then the process of getting new cases of Corona is not decreasing. Within 24 hours, 11708 new cases of Corona have been found. At the same time, 4815 people recovered and returned to their homes. Within 24 hours, the death of 84 people has been confirmed due to infection in the state. With these new cases, now 6 lakh 49 thousand 114 people have been infected in Madhya Pradesh, while 6,244 confirmed deaths due to corona infection have been confirmed. Now the number of active patients in Madhya Pradesh has increased to 95,423. So far 5,47,447 people have recovered.

Corona curfew extended to 15 May
In Madhya Pradesh, the Corona curfew has been extended till Saturday 15 May. Due to the weekend curfew already being implemented in the state, its duration will be up to 6 am on May 17. Shivraj Singh Chauhan announced this today. In his virtual address, he expressed satisfaction at the decrease in the positivity rate of corona patients in the state. Also said that the crisis is still not averted. Corona can be dealt with the cooperation of all.


Shivraj started preparations for the third wave
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has instructed the officials given in the Corona Core Group meeting to tackle the challenges of the third wave of Corona and preparations in the state. Chief Minister Chouhan said that a committee of experts should be formed to prepare for the third wave of Corona in the state, which will study what is its potential in the state and what preparations and arrangements should be made for it.

CM Shivraj Singh said that health infrastructure should be strengthened more and more in the state. Efforts should also be made to produce Remedicivir in Madhya Pradesh. Oxygen plants should be set up in every hospital, such efforts should be made. Inspire private entrepreneurs to set up oxygen plants, the government is giving a grant for this.