Lokayukta raids at the house of District Mineral Officer Pradeep Khanna, black money is expected to be crores


Bhopal: Lokayukta has raided Lokayukta Raid at the house of Pradeep Khanna, an official of the Department of Minerals in Madhya Pradesh. Lokayukta has conducted a raid on her house located in Indore besides Indore. This is a case of disproportionate assets. There is a possibility of disclosure of black earnings of crores in this action. The Indore Lokayukta had received a complaint that Pradeep Khanna had disproportionate assets. He has made crores of assets while staying in a government job. The Lokayukta investigated this complaint and after collecting much information and evidence in the investigation, took a raid action at two places simultaneously. A team raided the house of Pradeep Khanna in Gautam Nagar, Bhopal.

Guerrilla action was taken at his second house in Patel Nagar, Indore. From the house in Bhopal, the Lokayukta team has found many property documents in the name of Pradeep and his family. Many such information has been received, from which black earnings of crores can be revealed. However, the Lokayukta officials have not yet disclosed any form of assets. Sources have said that this action of the Lokayukta can go on for a long time at both the locations. According to the documents the Lokayukta has received so far, Pradeep Khanna had bought many land, his name has many vehicles and information about having many plots and houses is also coming out.

Pradeep Khanna was posted in Indore for 5 years
Sources said that Pradeep Khanna was posted in Indore for a long time. He was 5 years in Indore as a Mineral Officer. In these 5 years, Pradeep Khanna made disproportionate assets. That is, he created a black earning empire during this period. Recently, his transfer was to Sheopur. The value of his house (MIG 171) in Bhopal’s Gautam Nagar is being told crores of rupees.