Letter war started between Shivraj Singh and Kamal Nath after objectionable remarks made by Rahul Gandhi

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Bhopal: The politics of the state has been heated over the objectionable remarks made by Congress President and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Kamalnath on Minister Imarti Devi. The letter war has started after the verbal war between Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Kamal Nath.

Responding to the letter written by Kamal Nath, Chauhan said, “I think you should sincerely apologize for your statement. The attitude of a senior and responsible Congress leader like you to avoid his mistake and to give unnecessary arguments in his explanation is not appropriate. ”

kamal shivraj

It may be known that Shivraj had written a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi regarding Kamal Nath’s remarks. In which he wrote, “He thought that Sonia Gandhi would not only condemn the statement of the leader of her party on a Dalit woman but would also take strict action against her.” But you haven’t done anything like this yet. “

Serve a lie by keeping an ‘electoral silence’
Attacking Kamal Nath with a letter written to Sonia Gandhi, a letter was written to Shivraj. In which he said, “In order to save your chair like Shivraj Ain Kane, you are diverting the election from real issues and moving towards immoral and degenerate emotional politics.” He has written in the letter that in order to win elections, he is serving lies by keeping an ‘electoral silence’. “

Kamal Nath wrote in the letter, In my address at Dabra’s gathering, I did not make any inappropriate remarks, yet you have served a lie and the word you are referring to has many meanings, many interpretations but thinking. According to Khot, you and your party have started serving lies by misinterpreting your will and misleading the public.

Kamal Nath wrote, “I have always respected women in my 40 years of public life and I will always respect women but will never do slanderous politics like you by showing respect for women.”