Lady Police constable of Madhya Pradesh will change her sex, the government has given permission

sex change permission

Bhopal: The government has given permission to a female police constable posted in the Madhya Pradesh Police to change her sex to be a man. This is the first case of its kind in Madhya Pradesh. For the first time, the Madhya Pradesh government has allowed a police constable to change gender. Permission to change the gender of the female constable has been issued today (December 1, 2021).

An official said that this is the first case of its own in Madhya Pradesh to formally allow a government employee to change gender. He said that this has been done under the requisite government rules. Let us tell you that, a woman police constable had applied to change her gender in a written application along with the notification issued by the central government regarding gender change in 2019.

According to sources, the lady constable was suffering from ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ since her early days. She had attached documents certified by senior doctors with the application.

sex change permission

Police officers who knew her said that she was performing duties like her male counterparts in the police force. Earlier, a similar case had also come to the fore in Maharashtra Police where a woman police constable from Beed had recommended sex change. However, after the matter remained under consideration for several days, the woman had moved the court, after which she was allowed to change from woman to man.