Know voting percentage in the last five assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh

MP & CG Assembly Elections

Bhopal: The specific voting percentages are as follows:

2018: 75.63%
2013: 72.5%
2008: 70.4%
2003: 67.6%
1998: 69.7%
The highest voting percentage was in the 2018 election, while the lowest voting percentage was in the 1998 election.

The average voting percentage in India for the 2018 assembly elections was 67.1%. Madhya Pradesh had a higher voting percentage than the national average in that election.

MP & CG Assembly Elections

There are a number of factors that can affect voter turnout, such as the level of political interest, the perceived importance of the election, and the convenience of voting. In Madhya Pradesh, there has been a gradual increase in voter turnout in recent years. This may be due to a number of factors, such as the increasing importance of the state in national politics and the efforts of the Election Commission to make voting more convenient.