Kangana’s comment is being given undue importance: Pawar

sharad panwar

Mumbai: NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday named actress Kangana Ranaut without saying that his statements were being given undue importance. Pawar said that people are not taking his comments seriously. The former Union Minister also said that he does not take the threat received earlier this week seriously. Kangana was recently mired in controversy when she compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and said she feared the city police more.

Reacting to Sharad Pawar’s breakup at Kangana’s bungalow, he said that I have no information about his office. But it was an unauthorized construction in newspapers. By the way, illegal construction in Mumbai is not new. If BMC is getting the rules done then it will be correct.

Pawar told reporters, “We are giving undue importance to those making such statements. We have to see what effect such statements have on people. ” He said, “In my opinion, people do not take (such statements) seriously.” Pawar said the people of Maharashtra and Mumbai have “years of experience” in the work of state and city police.

He said, “They (people) know the work of the police. So we don’t need to pay attention to what someone says. ” When asked about the recent threats, Pawar said, “I have just been given a record of the threatening calls and where the calls were made from. I have received calls in the past as well. We don’t take it seriously. “