IT Department Raids Surana Jewellers, Seizes ₹26 Crore in Cash and Unaccounted Wealth

Income Tax Department Raids Surana Jewelers

Nashik: In a significant operation targeting tax evaders, the Income Tax Department recently conducted a major raid in Nashik, Maharashtra. The focus has intensified on undisclosed financial transactions, leading to heightened vigilance by tax authorities. Here are the details:

  • Target: Surana Jewellers, a prominent Nashik-based jewelry store.
  • Seized Amount:
    • Cash: Approximately ₹26 crore.
    • Unaccounted property documents: Valued at ₹90 crore.
  • Operation Details:
    • Officials from Nashik, Nagpur, and Jalgaon collaborated during the raid.
    • The raid room contained bundles of ₹500 notes, necessitating 14 hours for counting.
    • A total of 7 cars were used to transport the seized cash.
    • The operation continued for 30 hours.
  • Impact:
    • The raid has caused a sensation in Nashik, with people closely monitoring further actions.
    • Traders are tense, speculating on the consequences of the Income Tax Department’s actions.
Income Tax Department Raids Surana Jewelers

This unprecedented move underscores the department’s commitment to curbing tax evasion and ensuring compliance. The bullion businessman in Nashik now faces scrutiny, and the city awaits the fallout from this high-profile operation.