Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh

Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh

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legislation to ban the beating of children in Mexico

Strict legislation to ban the beating of children in Mexico, Parliament approved

Mexico City: The lower house of the Parliament of Mexico has provided all types of physical services provided by parents, caretakers, teachers or parents...
Imrati Devi

EC issued notice to BJP candidate Imrati Devi in ​​Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: The Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday issued a notice to BJP leader Imrati Devi, who is contesting the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh,...
Bihar Legislative Council

All 9 candidates elected unopposed in Bihar Legislative Council elections, JDU-RJD dominance

Patna: In Bihar Legislative Council Election, all 9 candidates have been elected unopposed. In the elections to be held for 9 seats, JDU and...
China plans life expectancy

China plans to raise average life expectancy to 78.3 years by 2025

Beijing: The Chinese government plans to increase the average life expectancy in the country by one year to 78.3 years within the next five...
Center for Aerospace and Security Studies

Pakistani Air Force will cooperate with Turkish paramilitary group: report

Islamabad: The Pakistani Air Force (PAF) has agreed to cooperate with an infamous Turkish paramilitary group accused by the United Nations of deploying combatants...