If things are expensive, then stop eating, says BJP minister Pratibha Shukla on prices of tomatoes

Pratibha Shukla on tomato prices

New Delhi: These days Tomato Prices Hike are skyrocketing in the country. The prices of tomatoes sold for Rs 10-20 a kg are beyond Rs 200. From common man to celebrities, the increased prices of tomatoes are talking. The rising rates of tomatoes are benefiting those farmers who have tomatoes in their fields, but it is affecting the middle class. On this, Yogi government minister and BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh Pratibha Shukla has given a strange statement. He said that if everything is expensive then leave the food.

Pratibha Shukla, Minister of State for Women Welfare and Child Development in the Yogi government in Hardoi, UP, was questioned about the increased prices of tomatoes. Then he replied saying, if tomatoes are expensive then grow tomatoes in pots. Or don’t eat expensive things like tomatoes. What if you don’t buy? The prices will automatically come down.

Minister Pratibha said – do not grow in pots or eat expensive things like tomatoes
After planting trees in Hardoi, the minister gave advice on the question of inflation, said – I have been watching since childhood, tomatoes are always expensive in this season

Pratibha Shukla on tomato prices

During the plantation program in Hardoi, he said, grow tomatoes in pots. In my area, in Asai, women make a nutritious garden and grow vegetables in it. Everyone can do this. Now a lot of tomatoes can be grown in three to four pots only. If tomato is expensive then use lemon or else stop eating tomato. This will automatically make them cheap. Give up what is expensive. The sacrifice itself makes things cheap. This statement of the UP minister is becoming quite viral.